Hello, my name is Rebecca and my favourit drink is aged Winzersekt.

What’s Winzersekt you might ask yourself? Find out further down in the article.

I drink bubbly every day, not only for special occasions. Lighthearted sparkling wine is the best while cleaning the kitchen. Or how about a bubbly rosé for the girls at the hairdresser’s? Or a nice vintage bottle because now is just the right time for it.

Life is too short for bad bubbly.

You know what I’m talking about if you tried the really good fizz.

It’s worth to drink sparkling wine with all senses. Never be shy about asking questions about your drink and learn to develop your own taste.

You have no idea how to start? I will help you.

You will find out it’s fun to buy sparkling wines directly at the vineyard. You can chat with the winegrower and often you can test the different sparkling wines.

My criteria for good sparkling wine

Good bubbly is in my opinion the German sparkling wine called Winzersekt.
Winzersekt is the the German pendant to Champagne.
The sparkling wine is ageing for minimum 9 months in bottle on the lees.
The longer a bubbly is on the lees the better the aroma and the finer is the perlage, in my opinion.

That’s the reason why you will mostly find bubbly in my basement that are minimum 3 years on the lees. Some extra time doesn’t harm the bubbly.

Unfortunately many people don’t comprehend sparkling wines. There are 1000 reasons why it’s not OK to drink bubbly every day.
To name some: showing-off, too expensive, too embarrassing, it doesn’t taste, it’s unhealthy, it’s not trendy, it’s only for the beautiful and rich people and not to forget the jealousy of other people.

It doesn’t help that there are plenty of tests and experts that don’t speak a normal language. It’s simply not understandable what they want to tell us (or not).
That’s why we are cowed and frightened to talk about what drinks we like.

Ok let’s break the vicious circle here. I mean it’s about you. You have to like it or am I wrong?

Test sparkling wine like German Winzersekt or maybe a Spanish Cava. Than you have an informed opinion and can decide if that bubbly is good for you or not. It doesn’t have to be Champagne.

King Edward the Orderly & Sugarsnail

Madhatter is in the house…. royal madness rules… hm no. We are 2 people that can’t say no to a good glass of bubbly.

Who is King Edward the Orderly?

My own danish viking. The guy who introduced himself with: „I only drink Champagne.“ „Show-off“ was my first thought and I answered: „Champagne. I do not like it.“

Later I tested Champagne for the first time, fell madly in love with the Show-Off and with bubbly and the rest is history.
Yours truthfully will show up in my blog with his quotes and wise sayings about bubbly.

What is a Sugarsnail?

Take a German learning Dane who stumbled over the affectionate pet name “Zuckerschnecke”. Theoretically it’s an untranslatable German word!

Practically it was translated literally and the result is a Sugarsnail.

How do I finance my blog?

All my posts are authentic and honest. You can’t buy my opinion and i’m not sponsored. Each bottle I bought is paid for. I also reject advertorials. Posts, written by companies to place their links, doesn’t fit into my concept. I write my own posts.
My blog is financed by pocket money and ads.