Agustí Torelló Mata, KRIPTA, 2010, brut nature

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Ratings are necessary to better understand a sparkling wine.
I chose a simple POP or FLOP rating system. Anything I want to see again is a POP. Else it’s a FLOP. What ticks my boxes you can read find in the sparkling wine cellar.

Don’t take ratings too serious. A sparkling wine is good if it tastes no matter what rating it has received! Your taste is important but stay informed.


Agustí Torelló Mata, KRIPTA, 2010, brut nature

🌐 Region: Sant Sadurni d’Anoia, Catalonia
🇪🇸 Country: Spain
🍾 Variety: Cava
🍇 Grape varieties: 45% Macabeo, 20% Xarel.lo 35% Parellada
🌶️ Taste: brut nature
📅 Vintage: 2010
📅 Disgorgement date: 20 Sep 2019
🥂 Alcohol: 11,5%
🍭 Sugar content: < 1g/l
⚠️ Total acidity: 5,7 g/l
💰 Price: 43,66 €
🏆 Rating: POP

🔗 Augusti Torelló Mata

🥂 Drink of the day: 12 Mai 2020

Cava means that the sparkling wine was made in the cellar. In other words, it is consumer information about the manufacturing process.

Cava is protected with the quality label called Denominación de Origen Cava since 1986. DO Cava is therefore not a designation of origin from a specific region. It is a quality indicator. It’s marked with a burned-in star in the cork.

Agustí Torelló Mata only produces Reserva and Gran Reserva vintage cava. Reservas are aging on the yeast for at least 18 months. Gran Reservas at least 30 months.

In 1979 the KRIPTA was born in the Rossel cellar. It is the top Cava from Agustí Torelló Mata. Therefore the grapes come from the best and oldest vineyards.

Agustí Torelló Mata, KRIPTA 2010, Brut Nature is a Gran Reserva. The cava matured on the lees for at least 4 years by using the “methodo tradicional”, the classic bottle fermentation. A speciality is is that the sparkling wine ages with a cork cap. The result is a complex, multi-layered cava.

Visually KRIPTA is an eye-catcher. It’s in a special box and the amphora bottle is unique.

Agustí Torelló Kripta 2010
Agustí Torelló KRIPTA 2010

Each box has a disgorgement note. This ensures that you can drink the cava in the best condition.

Agustí Torelló Kripta 2010
Disgorgement date Kripta 2010


Straw golden. The perlage develops slowly with fine and persistent bubbles.


Fine anise and liquorice notes. A Dane’s dream.


Wonderful. Creamy and ripe. Multi-layered with a long finale. The acidity is at the limit to be sharp. Ripe yellow apple, anise and buttered toasted bread.



Agustí Torelló Mata has found the own identity and remains loyal to it.

Agustí Torelló Mata, KRIPTA, 2010 does not claim to be a champagne. I like that very much. That makes it one of the best cavas in my opinion.

Don’t forget: It must not always be champagne. Just because it has a different name, it doesn’t mean it is of minor quality.