Anselmann Cabernet Sauvignon 2009 trocken

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Ratings are necessary to better understand a sparkling wine.
I chose a simple POP or FLOP rating system. Anything I want to see again is a POP. Else it’s a FLOP. What ticks my boxes you can read find in the sparkling wine cellar.

Don’t take ratings too serious. A sparkling wine is good if it tastes no matter what rating it has received! Your taste is important but stay informed.


Anselmann Cabernet Sauvignon 2009

🌐 Region: Edesheim, Pfalz
🇩🇪 Country: Germany
🍾 Variety: Secco
🍇 Grape varieties: Winzersekt Rosé
🌶️ Taste: dry
📅 Vintage: 2019
📅 Disgorgement date: –
🥂 Alcohol: 12,2%
🍭 Sugar content: –
⚠️ Total acidity: 8,1 g/l
💰 Price: 9,00 €
🏆 Rating: POP

🔗 Anselmann

🥂 Drink of the day: 02 July 2019

Werner Anselmann is one of the largest wineries in Germany. It is on the German Wine Route (Deutsche Weinstrasse). The winery includes a wine tasting stand and additionally a typical regional restaurant called Straussenwirtschaft.

A vintage change always makes me sceptical. Has the cellar master taken the right decision about dosage?

Anselmann Cabernet Sauvignon 2008 brought a lot of happiness. When I wanted to refill the sparkling wine cellar with some more bottles it was sold out. Bugger.

New vintage is Cabernet Sauvignon 2009 dry instead of extra brut. Will it work?


The Rosé has a beautiful colour. Light gold with a hint of orange.



Taste is fine and fruity with notes of apple and apricot. Wonderful long and fine perlage that gives the bubbly some extra freshness.

Unfortunately something is wrong with the aftertaste. Vintage 2008 was more complex and rich in taste compared to 2009.

That explains now the the higher sugar content for the vintage 2009. It’s necessary for the taste. What the base wine lacks is covered up with more sugar. Dry sparkling wines have 17-32 g/l of residual sugar compared to brut ones with 0-6 g/l. That’s about 5 times more sugar.

POP or Flop

It POPs. Good rosé sparkling wine, for warm evenings outside, cold days inside, as solo drink or as dinner drink. But it can’t beat Anselmann Cabernet Sauvignon 2008.

Great price-quality ratio. A bottle of Winzersekt (Vintner Sekt) for 9,00 Euro.

Wine tasting

The wine tasting stand is open all year. You can test wine and sparkling wine for free whenever you like. There is plenty of different Sekt (German sparkling wine). Have a sip to compare different vintages and grape varieties. It’s overall the best way to find out what you like best. Daily Opening hours.

Check your purchases. I had wrong boxes here and there. It’s not so tingling to find out at home that you got the wrong bottles.

Anselmann, Sekt, Cabernet Sauvignon, Weissburgunder
Anselmann Cabernet Sauvignon 2009, Weissburgunder 2015, Weissburgunder 2010

Straußwirtschaft „Brunnenterrasse“

The menu includes typical regional dishes like Flammkuchen, meat and fish dishes, as well as Spanish tapas. The food is not according to my taste. It is nothing special and slightly overpriced.

My recommendation: The Flammkuchen from the Vinothek Oberhofer. It is at the other side of the village. Address: Staatsstr. 1, 67483 Edesheim.
Opening hours: daily from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Did you know that Flammkuchen means translated “flame cake”. It’s a speciality close to the German-French border. It is made of very thinly rolled bread dough, covered with crème fraîche, thin-sliced onions and bacon. And as a matter of fact things go better with bacon or bubbly. 😋

It’s easy to make Flammkuchen at home. Here is the How to make … Flammkuchen.