Bardong, Riesling Reserve, 2001, brut

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Bardong, Riesling Reserve, 2001, brut

🌐 Region: Geisenheim, Rheingau
🇩🇪 Country: Germany
🍾 Variety: Winzersekt
🍇 Grape varieties: Riesling
🌶️ Taste: brut
📅 Vintage: 2001
📅 Disgorgement date: December 2019
🥂 Alcohol: 13,0 %
🍭 Sugar content: < 12 g/l
⚠️ Total acidity: –
💰 Price: 28,00 €
🏆 Rating: POP

🔗 Sektkellerei Bardong

🥂 Drink of the day: 16 November 2020

The Bardong house is a family-run sparkling wine producer. It’s informal, authentic and furthermore lively. Renate and Norbert Bardong have time for their customers and hospitality is especially important.

The Bardongs do not have their own vineyards. They buy the base wine. Afterwards sparkling wine is produced exclusively using the “classic bottle fermentation” method.

Sparkling wine with long yeast storage and fine bubbles are a specialty of the Bardong house. The Sekt is on the lees for a minimum of 36 months. After all good sparkling wine takes time.

Sparkling wine is only available in brut and extra brut flavors at Bardog’s.

However, the bottles do not have a disgorgement date. When asked, I was informed that the Bardong, Riesling Reserve, 2001, brut that I tasted, had been disgorged in December 2019.

I tasted the 1998 and 2001 vintage the same evening. This is not a copy of Bardong, Riesling Reserve, 1998, brut.


Riesling is a white grape. It represents, like no other grape, today’s German wine culture.

Riesling had a bad reputation in the past because it was used to produce cheap sweet wine for the masses. Presently Riesling stands for high quality, crisp, refreshing wines with pronounced acidity. An ideal base for sparkling wine.

Young Riesling sparkling wines have a rather acidic, not harmonious palate. The full maturity of the Sekt is reached after prolonged vinification.


The Bardong Riesling Reserve, 2001 has a wonderful dark gold colour. It matches the 1998 vintage without a doubt. The mousseux is a little livelier compared to 1998. But still very fine bubbles and wonderfully integrated into the sparkling wine.


Yeast, caramel and citrus fruits.


Lemon and mirabelle.

Full taste with a lot of layers. Very tasty and creamy on the palate. Due to the long yeast storage, the acid has become mild.

The perlage tingles beautifully, softly and forever. The 2001 vintage is fresher and leaner compared to 1998. However, the full body is missing. The elegance, however, is fully present again.

POP or Flop


17 years in the bottle and undeniably sparkly. As shown above good things take time. Or rather, good Riesling sparkling wine takes time. The 2001 Riesling Reserve is indeed a worthy successor to the 1998 vintage.

It is also the better choice compared to a comparable vintage champagne. The Bardong, Riesling Reserve, 2001, brut beats champagne by lengths and not only in terms of price / performance ratio.