Bizarre Christmas sparkling wine findings

I found some bizarre things when i googled sparkling wine and Christmas. The weirder, the better seems to be the motto.

Drunken gummy bears

What’s this? The gummy bears take a long bath in sparkling wine. Afterwards they should taste as fantastic and sparkling as the sparkling wine. In addition, they should give the sparkling wine that certain something as decoration. Like the olive in the martini.
Or rather not.

The gummy bears soak up sparkling wine, swell up and become slimy, in my opinion.
They lose color in the bubble bath, too. That doesn’t look particularly nice. For this reason gummy bears are completely unsuitable as decoration.

By the way, what happens to the gummy bears in sparkling wine is called diffusion.
The sugar contained in the gummy bears wants to get out in the sparkling wine. Gelatine is also contained in the gummy bears. It prevents the sugar from escaping quickly. Under those circumstances the sugar can only escape slowly. The liquid from the outside, on the other hand, quickly gets into the gummy bear.
Thus, the sugar and the color gradually disappear from the gummy bears. The gelatine, on the other hand, is soaked up with sparkling wine. So the gummy bear loses its color and grows.

Leather tanning with real champagne

Are you still missing a gift idea for yourself or your loved ones? How about a “luxury handbag” whose leather is given a champagne bath after the tanning process? That sounds exotic and trés chic. Mainly because I have no idea whether champagne is good for leather or not. I haven’t found any evidence of this either.

After all, it is real champagne. Wait a minute, is there any wrong champagne?
Depending on who you ask the answer might be American sparkling wine. The French designation of origin “Champagne” is legal in the USA.

Luxury that is fun? With pleasure! In this case, however, I am assuming marketing bullshit. Luxury and creative ideas sell. It’s Christmas after all and everyone is looking for exclusive presents.

Mulled wine with champagne

The Germans love their mulled wine or Glühwein as it is called. I stumbled across Germany’s most expensive Glühwein. 14 euros for a 0.33 liter jug ​​of Glühwein.

What does it make so expensive, i mean special? One third of the drink consists of well-known champagne. The price is still quite high for a warm drink at the Christmas market. In fact, the other two thirds of the ingredients are a secret. Nonetheless, the bar promises a fruity and aromatic hot drink.

I once tried to make Glühwein from red sparkling wine. That went totally wrong.
Firstly, the drink doesn’t really tingle or bubble. Secondly, it tastes wrong. Neither good red sparkling wine nor proper spices improved the taste experience. There is too much acidity in it due to the sparkling wine. In that case I wonder how the Glühwein should work with champagne?

However, the mulled wine with champagne is a great marketing mix. A 5-star hotel, a famous French champagne and a secret recipe. For one thing it arouses desires and envy. People talk about it, therefore you have free advertising.

Yes I know. I’m also write about the mulled wine with champagne. Completely unselfish … Go ahead. Consume the adventurous drink. Given that there will be more really nice Glühwein and sparkling wine for me.

Excursion: Homemade mulled red wine (Glühwein)

Make your mulled red wine yourself !!!! Here is the post for it.

With brown sugar, cinnamon sticks, cloves and cardamom pods. Give it a shot of rum. DIY takes a little longer, but it tastes a hundred times better than Glühwein from a discounter.

A different Glühwein experience is Uhudler Glühwein. Uhudler is a slightly bitter and acidic wine from Austria. It tastes of wild strawberries. The taste, also called fox tone, is not for everyone. In any case it’s worth a try.

Last but not least

All in all there are some conclusions. Bathing in sparkling wine increases the value. Besides everything gets more expensive and better with a shot of champagne.

The last bizarre Christmas sparkling wine result fits the category bathing, again.

A champagne bath

Did you know that Marilyn Monroe’s favorite drink was champagne? Rumor has it that she took a 262.5 liter bath in champagne. A normal tub has about 270 liters, which means it was full to the brim.

Everyone can now decide for themselves whether this is ridiculous, shameful or simply decadent. I think for the most part “why not?”. Some people just don’t know what to do with their money. A champagne bath is the most harmless thing you can do with all that money.

In addition, champagne is supposed to be good. It tingles and calms the nerves.
For us normal mortals, the cheaper option is definitely a fine bottle of sparkling wine and a bubble bath.

Do you know any bizarre facts about sparkling wine and Christmas? Send me a few lines. I’m curious.

Wonderful holidays and enjoy your bubbles.