Chicken Fajitas

Chicken Fajitas (pronounced fah- hee -ta) are fun for everyone. Fajitas are a Tex-Mex traditional. They are little strips of meat served in a tortilla. Originally, the term referred to a grilled strip of meat. Today you built your fajitas with e.g. chicken, vegetables, fish or shrimp and top them with your favorite salsa, cheese and sour creme. The add-in list is endless. Choose your favorite according to your taste.

Chicken Fajitas

Recipe: Chicken Fajitas

Amount: 12 servings


900 g boneless chicken breast, or turkey, in stripes
3 tbsp fajita seasoning
1 large white onion, in thin stripes
1 green bell pepper, in thin stripes
1 yellow bell pepper, in thin stripes
1 orange bell pepper, in thin stripes
1 red bell pepper, in thin stripes
1 tsp salt
12 tortillas
Sour creme or cream fraiche
Salsa choose your favorite, red or green


  • At first prepare the ingredients for the filling. Thin slices are the key word. That makes it easier to fill the tortillas later.
  • Cut the vegetables in thin stripes. Then cut the stripes into 2 cm pieces.
  • Afterwards slice the chicken, turkey into 1,5 cm stripes. Then into bites. Season the chicken, turkey bites overall with fajita seasoning and 1 tsp of salt.
  • Meanwhile heat a heavy bottom pan. After that add the seasoned chicken, turkey. Cook it for about 3 minutes from one side. Afterwards turn the bird and cook for another 3 minutes.
  • Now add all of the bell peppers and mix well. Cook them for 5 to 7 minutes more. Turn regularly, until the chicken is fully cooked. The peppers should be cooked but still have just a bit of a crunch. Be careful not to burn the veggies. Salt them to taste.
  • Heat up the tortillas in the oven or a pan. Be careful. Otherwise you have dried shoe soles. S. also notes.

At last fill each tortilla with a portion of the fajitas. Then top with sour cream or creme fraiche and a good salsa.


I tried to make tortillas by myself. I have to confess there are people who can do it better and any search engine knows them. Check the internet for a shop that sells Mexican goodies. You find the right tortillias there. I like the ones with a small diameter. 20 cm and less. They are handy.

Important to realize is that tortillas are like bread. If you leave them out in the open, they get hard. Another thing that will make them hard is leaving them unattended on the griddle too long. The moisture is evaporating and that is no use for tortillas, tacos or wraps. The sweet spot also differs if you use corn or flour tortillas.

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