Contratto For England Rose 2012, brut nature

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Ratings are necessary to better understand a sparkling wine.
I chose a simple POP or FLOP rating system. Anything I want to see again is a POP. Else it’s a FLOP. What ticks my boxes you can read find in the sparkling wine cellar.

Don’t take ratings too serious. A sparkling wine is good if it tastes no matter what rating it has received! Your taste is important but stay informed.


Contratto For England Rose 2012

🌐 Region: Asti, Piemont
🇮🇹 Country: Italy
🍾 Variety: Sparkling wine rosé
🍇 Grape varieties: Pinot Noir
🌶️ Taste: Brut Nature
📅 Vintage: 2012
📅 Disgorgement date: Jan 2018
🥂 Alcohol: 12,5%
🍭 Sugar content: 0,0 g/l
⚠️ Total acidity: 6,5 g/l
💰 Price: 28,00 €
🏆 Rating: FLOP

🔗 Contratto

On paper everything is right. Bubbly with vintage 2012, minimum 6 years on the lees, the taste is brut nature and the bottle has a label with disgorgation date.

Cheap press cork without sealing.

Nice bottle, colours are matching the rosé sparkling wine.


Very light, pale pink color

Taste & Smell

The first nose: boring. The first sip: flat. Acidity and mineral taste that makes a bottle of brut nature special, are missing.

The sparkling wine is bone dry. That means Contratto, Rosé have achieved one thing they wanted to achieve. But it doesn’t help the total impression of the drink.

King Edward the Orderly thinks about pouring the bottle down the drain but the BBQ demands full attention.​

Second try

20 minutes later … The bottle is not down the drain… The sparkling wine smell changes. Hope is back. Sometimes the potential of bubbly needs time to develop. The smell gets even more intensive, there are flower and fruit notes now. The taste of the rosé unfortunately doesn’t follow. It’s a very boring drink with a bitter aftertaste.

Besides the perlage is disappearing real quick. The sparkling wine behaves like a bubble bath after pouring with extreme foaming. That’s why the drink loses very fast gas and gets flat. It was not a matter of bad polished glasses.

30 minutes later … Glass Nr. 3 is standing next to me and doesn’t attract me at all. The drink tastes like wine and there are no bubbles left.


FLOP. The right approach is there for the Contratto, Rosé but it lacks taste. There are prime ratings for other disgorgment dates. I wonder what’s going on with the quality of the “For England” ? Can’t the vineyard produce a stable quality of a vintage? Terrible thought. I definitely don’t have the bubbly in my bottle that others (with commercial interest) praise in the highest tones.

I won’t buy another bottle of Contratto, for England, rosé 2012. For 28 Euro that’s first a very expensive drain cleaner and second I can feel the sparkling wine acidity in my stomach now. That’s not where it should make an impression.

Final last words

Why didn’t I drink a Gin Tonic?