Eiertrallala – The alternative to egg punch

Once upon a time there was egg punch. Now there is Eiertrallala. Eiertrallala is a great eggnog liqueur drink with a dash of Stroh Rum. Santa Pauli and Hamburger Winterdeck feeling at home.

This is the recipe for homemade Eierlikör (Advocaat, Eggnog)

Eiertrallala - The alternative to egg punch

Recipe for Eiertrallala – The alternative to egg punch

Amount: 7 champagne glasses (150 ml) or 5 cups (200 ml)


1 l Eierlikör (Advocaat, eggnog)
100 ml STROH Inländer Rum 80%
1-2 tbsp whipped cream
event. milk or condensed milk


  • Firstly mix eggnogg and straw rum. If you use your own eggnog, make sure it’s not too thick. If necessary, stretch it with a little milk or condensed milk. The mixture should be thick and creamy. Hot milk with white chocolate and eggnog is another recipe. We make Eiertrallala right now.
  • Secondly heat the mixture slowly in a saucepan. Do not boil, otherwise the alcohol will evaporate.
  • Meanwhile, make a light whipped cream. Without extras. No, not low-fat whipped cream. Light means to whip the cream until stiff peaks form. The cream must not become stiff. It should be creamy and thick.
  • Next take your favorit cup or champagne glass. Then fill the cup or glass about 3/4 with the egg liqueur mixture. You still need space for the whipped cream.
  • Finally, top with whipped cream. Most important is that you don’t use too much cream. It expands in the warmth and therefore the drink might overflow.
  • Now is the time to enjoy the Eiertrallala. To point out, it is drunk through the cream. Do not stir in the cream.


The mix ratio of Eierlikör (Advocaat, eggnog) to Strohrum is 1:10. So it is very easy to prepare large amounts of Eiertrallala.

I prefer a cup. The champagne glass looks more elegant. It is the way it is served in Hamburg. Anyhow cleaning it sucks in any case. You can hardly get the fat out of the champagne glasses.

Don’t use Stroh Rum with low alcohol content. Thus you only pay for more water. If the drink is too strong for you, dilute it with more (condensed) milk.

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