Elsässer Flammkuchen (Tarte flambée)

It’s time for a kitchen party with original Elsässer Flammkuchen (Tarte flambée) and sparkling wine.

An Elsässer Flammkuchen (Tarte flambée) topping is sour creme, bacon and onions.
It typically has a crispy bite and a hearty taste. Flammkuchen tastes best freshly out of the oven. The motto is therefore: Sharing.

Flammkuchen can also be sweet instead of salty. Undoubtedly an ideal dessert for a successful evening. You can find ideas for the topping in the notes.

The best thing about the Flammkuchen is the especially thin,and crispy dough.
It’s worth investing in a rolling pin, a pizza stone with a shovel for the oven and a pizza roller.

A good place to visit in The Pfalz for Flammkuchen is the Stübinger vineyard in Leinsweiler, Germany. There is a regular event called “Flamm und Wein”. Check the Stübinger homepage for the latest dates.

Elsässer Flammkuchen (Tarte flambée)

Recipe: Elsässer Flammkuchen (Tarte flambée)


200 g flour
125 ml of water
2-3 tbsp oil
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon baking powder

250 g crème fraîche (or sour cream)
150 g bacon (diced)
2 onions (cut into thin rings)


  • Firstly preheat the oven with the pizza stone to 275°C (527°F).
  • Secondly prepare the dough. Mix the flour, baking powder, water, salt and oil together. Then knead until you get a smooth dough.
  • Let the dough rest. Meanwhile, cut the bacon into small cubes and the onion into thin slices.
  • Divide the dough into 4 pieces. Afterwards dust a piece with flour and roll out very thinly on baking paper. It’s worth the effort – Keep on rolling.
    Most important dust the rolling pin regularly with flour and remove dough leftovers. So the dough won’t stick.. It is possible to stack the dough on baking paper on top of each other.
  • Make the topping of the Flammkuchen (tarte flambée) freshly before baking. Firstly coat the dough thinly with crème fraîche. Secondly sprinkle a pinch of nutmeg over the tarte flambée. Thirdly cover it thinly with the diced bacon and onion rings. Finally salt it carefully. You can always add more salt after baking.
  • Put the Elsässer Flammkuchen (Tarte flambée) in the oven and bake it for about 5-10 minutes. It’s ready when the edges get dark. In the meantime, prepare the next tarte flambée.
  • Cut the finished Elsässer Flammkuchen (Tarte flambée) in 8 pieces and serve it warm without delay. Meanwhile bake the next tarte flambée.


The magic word is thin.
There’s no point in overloading the Elsässer Flammkuchen (Tarte flambée) with creme fraiche and ingredients.

Hearty variations with red and green peppers, spring onions, garlic, chives, mushrooms, fresh or dried chili, red pepper corns, soft cheese (Brie, goat cheese)…. Go wild and mix ’n‘ match.

The sweet version for dessert. Mix brie, honey, or jam with red peppercorns.

Two Flammkuchen (tarte flambée) per person is a good guideline for a serving.

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