How to … store an open bottle of sparkling wine

Ideally drink it all straight away

As soon as a bottle of sparkling wine is uncorked, the bubbles rise inside the bottle. After that the drink begins to lose its fizz. With this in mind, enjoy your sparkling wine right away once opened.

Sometimes it’s not possible to drink the bottle. So what can you do to prevent an open bottle of sparkling wine from losing its fizz and store it correctly?

If you’ve one glass left in the bottle then don’t even try to save it. It will loose its bubbles, no matter what you do. So bottoms up, the rest in the hair. In other words: Drink it. It is not worth saving it.

If you have half a bottle or more sparkling wine left then follow below recommendations to store the open bottle properly. The bubbles can be fresh for up to two days.

Keep the bottle cold

Don’t leave the open bottle of sparkling wine out on the kitchen counter. The best thing you can do is keeping the bubbly cold in your refrigerator. Never let the bottle warm up and then chill it down again. It will go wrong.

CO2 is more soluble in cold liquids than in warm ones. Therefore keeping the leftover bubbles well chilled will help keep your sparkling wine fresher and more bubbly.

In the post How to … cool a sparkling wine bottle fast and How to … make ice cubes, you can learn more about cooling sparkling wine.

Buy a bubble stopper

As I have said bubbly will become flat once it’s open for a day or two.

Once opened, sparkling wine will keep longer, the more sparkling wine is left in the bottle. That is because there is less air.

Don’t put a regular cork back in an open bottle of sparkling wine. The pressure from the CO2 inside might cause it to pop out. You will not enjoy the mess in the fridge. Believe me.

I like bubble stoppers. It’s a good investment. I have several of them. It must not be the expensive and fancy version. You can find them for less than 10 € and they work in the same fashion as an expensive one.

How to ... store open bottle of sparkling wine. use a stopper.
Bubble stopper example

Forget the metal spoon

Don’t use a metal spoon to store an open bottle of sparkling wine – it doesn’t work.

The theory that the metal will act as a thermal conductor and help keep the inside of the bottle extra cold is not proven. In truth, the teaspoon has zero effect. CO2 will not stay inside the bottle. So forget about it.

Spoon in bottle
To keep the fizz fizzy? No way! Don’t use a spoon.

Use a preservation systems

If you have some money left and wanna guild the lily, then use a preservation system. They pump a layer of CO 2 into the bottle to preserve it up to one week.

I did some research and I didn’t find a system that can match the price a simple bubble stopper. Spending several hundred Euros to keep a 25 Euro bottle fresh, is highly questionable in my world. It’s a solution for business but not for us consumers.