How to … write an inventory list for the sparkling wine cellar

Back in the year 2016 yours truthfully King Edward the Orderly and I started to explore the wine regions in Germany, France and Switzerland.

After a few trips and online purchases we simply lost overview. We found and tasted plenty of bubbly. Sparkling wine, Winzersekt, Cava and Champagne. In addition rarities and curiosities. Bottles were piling up in our (sparkling wine) cellar.

We asked ourselves how to keep track of all the bottles? The simple solution was THE Inventory List for all our sparkling wine.

What is an inventory list?

An inventory list is your absolute best buddy when you want to monitor items in your stock.
Track details, prices and notes on your likes and dislikes.

How do I create an inventory list?

There are plenty of wine inventory android apps available on the market.
I don’t recommend them. You depend on the app. That can go sour very fast.

Years ago when we started with the collection I had an app. I confess it was fun, playing around with functions like label readers, etc. But it got annoying as the collection grew.

Firstly functions were restricted after several updates. Secondly it’s not fun typing all the data in your phone if the label can’t be read or the sparking wine is unknown. Thirdly you can’t transfer data to another app. Therefore you have to start again punching data in a new app. No thanks.

My recommendation is to use a spreadsheet app to create a list, for example Open Office Calc or Microsoft Excel. You want to use a computer or laptop to create the inventory list. The file will have plenty of colums.
In a spreadsheet you can calculate e.g. the total value of the collection, bottles in stock, etc
Lists are easy to sort and filter. That comes in handy if you search for items.

If the list is done, you can always view it on the phone and have it along while hunting treasures.

Template or DIY list?

I would recommend to create manually your own sheet. There are template collections online, but mostly you have to modify them anyhow. So better start from scratch.

Think about what is important for you to know about your bottles in stock.

Possible key figures for a sparkling wine inventory list:

  • Sparkling wine name
  • Vineyard
  • Vintage (Year)
  • Price
  • Amount of bottles in stock
  • Amount of bottles purchased
  • Amount of bottles consumed
  • Disgorgement date – one of my favourite details to compare vintages
  • Colour (e.g. white, red, rose)
  • Grape variety (e.g. Chardonnay, Riesling, Cabernet Sauvignon)
  • Bottle size (e.g. 750 ml or 1,5l)
  • Country of Origin (e.g. Germany, Spain or France)
  • Region (e.g. Pfalz, Champagne)
  • Taste notes
  • Buy again (e.g. yes/no)
  • Comments (e.g. bought at the vineyard, bought at an online shop)
  • Purchase date
  • Picture of the label