Jacques Pépin: How to … Poach An Egg

Easy guide how to properly poach an egg. Jacques Pépin is the master of eggs in my world. He is easy to listen to and shares a lot of knowledge about eggs in a short video. I wrote down his techniques.

Thanks to KQEDFood for the clip on YouTube.

Jacques Pépin: How to ... Poach An Egg

How to … poach an egg

Amount: 1


1 egg


You porch the egg in almost boiling water. How do you do that?

  • Firstly boil water. Add some vinegar. If you then add the eggs the temperature will drop about 20 degrees.
  • Open the egg as close as possible to the water and let it drop in.
  • Don’t let the egg stick to the bottom. Take a slotted spoon and drag the egg carefully. Lower the temperature as you go along. Remember no boiling. no. no.
  • It takes about 4 minutes to poach an egg. The egg yoke is running nicely then. If you like it more runny, try 3 minutes, if you want it almost hard you have to cook the egg longer.
  • Put the eggs in a bowl with ice cold water to stop the cooking. It will also wash away the vinegar.
  • Present the egg from the top while serving. Salt it according to your taste. Serve with e.g. a nice slice of Karreespeck or white truffles. Or use them for Egg Benedict.


Use fresh eggs. Best are the ones from your own chickens.

You can prepare poached eggs before you eat them at a later time. Put them straightaway in clean water after they are cooled down. Afterwards store them in the fridge. Later if you want to serve them heat them in hot water for 1 minute. What must be remembered, don’t heat them enough to cook. But the egg should be warm enough to serve.

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