Pertois-Moriset, Blanc de Blanc, Millésime 2008, Grand Cru, Brut

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I chose a simple POP or FLOP rating system. Anything I want to see again is a POP. Else it’s a FLOP. What ticks my boxes you can read find in the sparkling wine cellar.

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Pertois-Moriset 2008

🌐 Region: Le Mesnil-sur-Oger, Champagne
🇫🇷 Country: France
🍾 Variety: Champagne
🍇 Grape varieties: Chardonnay
🌶️ Taste: brut
📅 Vintage: 2008
📅 Disgorgement date: June 2014
🥂 Alcohol: 12,5%
🍭 Sugar content: 7 g/l
⚠️ Total acidity: –
💰 Price: 37,00 €
🏆 Rating: FLOP

🔗 Pertois-Moriset

🥂 Drink of the day: 16 Jan 2020

Pertois-Moriset is a French family business. They dedicate their passion to champagne production since several generations. The vineyards are located in the Côte Sézanne and the Côte des Blancs. They are independent and family owned.

Since 2015, the house has been a part of the group Special Club which sells their champagnes at the Boutique Club Trésors de Champagne in Reims.

The grapes for the 2008 vintage come from the Côte des Blancs. The Côte des Blancs is known for Chardonnay, which is also called Blanc de Blanc.

Disgorgement of Pertois-Moriset, Blanc de Blanc, Millésime 2008, Grand Cru, Brut was in June 2014. The Champagne was at least for 5 years on the lees.


In fact it is a bad quality cork. I am not impressed. What’s next?


Only a few very large bubbles flow upwards. It doesn’t look good.

Colour: It is a typical case of “write it down, otherwise you have forgotten it before you finished drinking”. Of course I forgot. I have to take better Sparkling wine notes.


Minimal smell. The champagne smells very old. But not in a good way. There are brioche, sherry and acidity notes.


The champagne was a little too long in the cellar or in the boutique. Therefore it is far beyond its prime. There is no full rich body any more. It’s thin water, tasting stale and slightly of vinegar. Where are the fruit flavours? Have they fallen under the table while pouring. Hm no. Hello ? Hello?


FLOP! Another champagne that is not worth its money. Disgorgement of the bottle was about 5 years ago. In my opinion it should not have been on sale anymore and definitely not recommended.

Analogous to Charlier & Fils, I asked the boutique and the vineyard why something like this is recommended and sold. We are all human beings and mistakes happen. It was undeniably an experience of a special kind. I got the information that Pertois-Moriset, Millésime 2008 should not be sold in the boutique any more. In fact the new vintage 2010 already exists. That seemed very strange to me, because there was no vintage 2010 in the Special Club Boutique January 2020.

So I asked again why a 5 year old vinegar-like champagne is recommended in a speciality shop. That comment was not welcome. I was informed that the champagne was produced according to the strict rules of the Club Trésor. As a matter of fact they said it is impossible that it is already bad. The incredible quality as well as the perfect maturity of the champagne has been pointed out several times. It is not uncommon for Champagne to mature 5-10 years if the conditions are right.

In this case, as I said, things went wrong. My taste is special, but I didn’t want to buy vinegar. I can recognise a bottle of good quality, even if I don’t like the taste.


I think it is arrogant to simply say that the champagne is good. There was another bottle in the warehouse. We didn’t buy it. A good seller would open the bottle and test it. Then an informed discussion is possible. But no, it is worth more selling the fizz to tourists. They won’t come back, just have a bad experience. And of course it is Champagne, the French are right and you are wrong. #WeAreNumber1WhyTRyHarder

Last thoughts

All those champagnes were opened in one day and not drinkable.

Oh I forgot an Italian sparkling wine. It also wasn’t my cup of tea.