Peter Stübinger Muskatellersekt trocken (dry) 2017

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Ratings are necessary to better understand a sparkling wine.
I chose a simple POP or FLOP rating system. Anything I want to see again is a POP. Else it’s a FLOP. What ticks my boxes you can read find in the sparkling wine cellar.

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Peter Stübinger Muskatellersekt trocken 2017

🌐 Region: Leinsweiler, Pfalz
🇩🇪 Country: Germany
🍾 Variety: Winzersekt
🍇 Grape varieties: Muscat/ Muskateller
🌶️ Taste: dry
📅 Vintage: 2017
📅 Disgorgement date: 2019
🥂 Alcohol: 11,0%
🍭 Sugar content: –
⚠️ Total acidity: –
💰 Price: 13,50 €
🏆 Rating: POP

🔗 Peter Stübinger

🥂 Drink of the day: 24.12.2019

We are in the Pfalz. One of the bigger wine regions in Germany. In the south of Pfalz the German wine route (Deutsche Weinstrasse) starts. If you follow it in northern direction, you find the 500-soul village Leinsweiler. It’s surrounded by vines,. In the middle of the village is the Stübinger winery. The Stübingers are a family business. They have been dedicated to viticulture for 3 generations. Accordingly is the quality of the products. The sell wine, fine schnaps and on top of that, delicious sparkling wine. In Germany it’s called Winzersekt (Vintner’s Sekt).

New in the sortiment is the Muskateller sparkling wine. It has been 12 months on the lees. Vintage and disgorgement date you can only find out on demand. I think that is a pity. It worth to be on the label. It’s wonderful Muskatellersekt dry Peter Stübinger is making. Some big names could learn how to make sparkling wine at his place.


Beautiful light yellow colour and fine perlage.


Take a nose. Muscat grapes have a very unique aromatic smell. Pure grape smell with a little bit of Litschi. Maybe some nutmeg.


Expressive fruit flavors of the Muscat-grape, coupled with fine-pearly mousse and well balanced acidity. Furthermore a round sweet aftertaste.

POP or Flop

Definately a POP. Peter Stübinger Muskatellersekt dry is an exception to my rules. Very expressive flavor and well balanced acidity for a 12 months old sparkling wine.

Delightful Sekt for a small price.

The Muskatellersekt tastes particularly good at the vineyard. “Flame and wine” is the magic word. From mid-July to the end of October the kitchen is opened on mondays. All sparkling wines and wines can be tasted. Enjoy a glass of bubbly and a Flammkuchen. Or a typical regional dish, like Pfälzer Bratwurst. Or how about cheese with music?

Did you know that Flammkuchen means translated “flame cake”. It’s a speciality close to the German-French border. It is made of very thinly rolled bread dough, covered with crème fraîche, thin-sliced onions and bacon. And as a matter of fact things go better with bacon or bubbly. 😋

It’s easy to make Flammkuchen at home. Here is the How to make … Flammkuchen.