Presents NOT to give to a sparkling wine lover

There is a saying that you can’t get go wrong with bubbles.. Wrong. Giving bubbly presents to a sparkling wine lover, can go wrong very badly. I enjoyed one out of ten bottles that were given to me as as a present.

And the bottles were given with all the best intentions. People thought long and hard about what to give to me. They even went the extra mile to find aged bubbles according to my liking. Or what they thought is my taste.

Truth or dare?

It doesn’t stop after the draining. It gets worse. Sooner or later your friends remember that they bought special sparkling wine for you. They want to know your opinion about it.

You can either lie. I won’t recommend it because they will further spend their time to find bubbly for you and rinse repeat.

Or you can tell the the truth. No more bubbly presents. If friends will still be there afterwards, congratulations. They are real friends and accepted the truth.

Fizz-themed gifts

Not to mention fizz-themed gifts. Fizz-themed presents YOU sure wouldn’t mind finding beneath the Christmas tree, doesn’t mean I will mind them under my Christmas tree.

Here are some examples


No thanks. In fact I own plenty of flutes. They are great and how they should be. No gold rim, no exclusive designer brand and no CloupesTM.

Yes CloupesTM. i didn’t know them before neither. It’s a mix between a stemmless coupe and a sparkling wine flute. The CloupesTM should modernize your drinking experience. Great. The first thing i learned about drinking bubbles. Don’t touch the glass with your hand. You warm up the glass with your body heat. Use the stem. Else there is no stable drinking temperature, which is indeed important for a good fizz taste.

CloupeTM – Picture similar

The CloupeTM is a solution that falls between the cracks. It’s neither nor in my opinion. CloupeTM is a trademark and promoting modern, exclusive lifestyle. It creates as a matter of fact additional revenue for a big french Champagnehouse that owns the trademark. Any more questions?

A Carry On Champagne Kit

That sounds great. Finally a way how to get bubbly from point A to point B for immediate consumption. The ugly truth, it’s elderflower syrup, a miniature bar spoon, a recipe card, a linen coaster and champagne gummy bears. Alcohol is not included. Costs: §25. What the f*ck? Don’t spent the money for my sake. And what happens to gummy bears in sparkling wine you can read here.

Also forget about giving me a book about sparkling wine cocktails.

One of the important rules you learn very fast about drinking sparkling wine:
NEVER mix good bubbly at all.


Next beautiful idea: a voucher for a bubbly time together.
Quality time together sound like a brilliant idea? No it is not. No matter what your happiness guru might say. Half of the vouchers will never be redeemed. That is statistically proven.

A voucher is a sad excuse for a present. Calling it an invitation doesn’t make it better. There is complete industry living from selling quality-time today.

Time is rare nowaddays. Quality time with friends is hard to get, the older you are. Sorry to say but you know how it is. Look in the mirror and be honest.
There is the voucher, than the Whatsapp Group and the doodle. It gets back and forth until a date is found. Shortly after the mother in law announces her presence. And the ordeal starts again. It’s stress for all participants and not a good time like originally intended.

Individual, cherished and unique presents for a sparkling wine lover

So what are the presents for a sparkling wine lover?

How about telling your friends and loved ones that they are great. Or write a nice card. Or ring the door with a bottle of sparkling wine for immediate consumption. That’s an immediate feel-good present. Plus it doesn’t matter than if the bubbles doesn’t taste.

If you rather have King Edward’s advice: It’s socks.

Last but not least

Please stop buying ‘el cheapo’ fizzy plonk for your Christmas drinks. Enjoy the pop of a cork and the fizz of bubbles in your glass.

With this in mind: Merry Christmas to everybody.

Presents for sparkling wine lovers SOCKS