Welcome to the Sparkling Wine Cellar

  • Est: 26.05.2016
  • Last Official Inventory List: 25. May 2019
  • Empty Bottles: 901
  • Full Bottles: 529
  • Tested Sparkling Wine Variety: 172, Dark Figure ± 408

Criteria for bubbly stocking

  • Sparkling wine produced in the art of traditional bottle fermentation
  • Sparkling wine that was for min. 3 years on the lees, better are 5 years
  • Sparkling wine that is 100% of one vintage, non-vintage is a no-go
  • Sparkling wine with disgorgement date
  • Exceptions because we are worth it

Drink of the day

Sparkling wine tasting notes are my memory of the bubbly. They help me to remember which bottles I fell in love with, which I thought were drinkable and which I never will touch again.

Important to realise is that they are reflecting the sparkling wine’s condition at a given point in time. The condition can change.
Secondly notes are not objective. Contrarily they are highly subjective. Everybody has different reference points for taste and smell.
Thirdly: What’s helpful to one person may sound a little silly for another.

So why should you read my notes?

In many respects producer tasting notes are a love letter. They are composed by someone whose relationship to the subject is, well, highly subjective. I at least can tell you my honest opinion about the taste.

With that in mind it can be easier to make a selection. Stay informed and follow your palate.

POP or FLOP rating

There are several official rating systems for sparkling wine tastings.

In Europe, the ’20-point system ‘is common in different variants. A more precise, strict system from the USA is the ‘100-point system’. Others use stars or glasses.

Tasting notes – a gamble?

There are many reasons that speaks for it:

  • Firstly, every rating, regardless of which system, is only subjective.
  • Secondly, a tasting is a snapshot.
  • Not to mention tasters are also only human beings.
  • And most important, there is no arguing about taste.

Although all those points may be true, ratings are necessary to better understand a sparkling wine.
It’s a fact that verbal review is better to understand than just points.
That’s why I chose the POP and FLOP rating system. Anything I want to see again is a POP. Else it’s a FLOP.

Don’t take ratings too serious. A sparkling wine is good if it tastes no matter what rating it has received!
Your taste is important but stay informed.

The Inventory List

The journey started 06 Jan 2016. That’s the date I drank my first glass of Champagne. It tasted of more but Champagne region was too far away. So we started to explore the wine regions and its vineyards in front of our door. At that time that was Germany: Heilbronn area, Pfalz, Rheingau, …

After a few trips and 5 months later, we simply lost overview. We found plenty of bubbly. German sparkling wine, Winzersekt, Cava and Champagne. In addition rarities and curiosities. Bottles were piling in our sparkling wine cellar.
So how to keep track of all the bottles? The simple solution: the Inventory List.

Inventory list sparkling wine cellar
Sparkling Wine Cellar